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About the the Author:

Michael Meegan has lived most of his life in Africa. His writings offer a different way of seeing the world and understanding why we are here. He has spent over 25 years working in areas of extreme poverty, his writings share a spirituality of dynamic awareness and creative action.  His approach is not religious but springs from a primal energy and force that unites us all, he shares a radical approach that can transform everything around us.

Michael Meegan's  philosophy  is about proactive engagement   with  everything life throws at us, it is a spiritual approach that is at the heart of  our daily lives not removed from it. Michael continues his work in Africa . He  writes and speaks on poverty as well as the way of becoming.

His forthcoming books:

Changing the World is about uncovering the power of  energy and compassion in every day life.

The Tribe of One (with Colin Meagle) is about  discovering the real nature of happiness and wonder.