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News Update January 2018


This is the first year that the International Community for Relief of starvation and Suffering goes forward without Dr. Joe Barnes who passed away last May at the age of 102. We continue the legacy of Dr. Joe and Father Paul Cunningham CSSp. Michael Meegan dedicated books to both of these co-founders of ICROSS. Both had given their lives serving the poor in Africa.

In 2017, Michael continued to promote the spirituality and vision that has driven ICROSS since 1979. In the coming year, we are launching a series of videos, audio books and online video clips sharing the spiritual reflections and insights from Michael's International lectures and spiritual reflections. We hope to share with our many friends a complete audio collection of the lessons and insights that have been gained after almost 30 years serving the poor.

"Since first giving retreats in the 1970s with Tony DeMello SJ and the world yoga conference in Dublin 1978, I have tried to share my personal experiences in my own journey. Father John Powell SJ encouraged me to start writing books and in 1986, ALL SHALL BE WELL African savannah. This book was about a spiritual journey and focused upon compassion and love in the evolution of my own path in Asia and Africa. The other books that I have written have several other journeys that are woven into the tapestry of my written work.

Alongside the books that I have written on spirituality, there are 40 years of published medical research and more than three decades of international lectures motivational speaking, spiritual retreats and public media much of which will be archived on this site in 2018.

None of these writings or reflections have any validity unless they are born in kindness and compassion. There is nothing new under the sun and in my experience having studied Philosophy and theology most of my life, the only thing worth sharing is personal experience. I can think of no better grace to share beginning 2018 than the work that we have accomplished over the last 1 year. It is born from the joy and tears of the human experience, not from books or ideas. I share with you a detailed review of our own personal Journey and I hope that it touches your own life."

ICROSS Annual Report Jan 2018

Please check out our strategic plan and Annual report for more on our programmes and policies 2015-2020 on icrossinternational.org
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