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"All Will Be Well is a compassionate meditation on the enduring stength of the human spirit, teaching that cynicism and inaction are the real enemies in the war against poverty, hunger and plague. This book is a moving reminder of the power of love and should be read by anyone jaded with the rat-race, but unsure how to escape it. Michael Meegan's words offer light to anyone undergoing a long dark night of the soul."

Lisa Hand, Editor The Sunday Tribune, Ireland.

All Will Be Well looks at how love and compassion, when given out to others, can act as an antidote to the often painful human condition. It awakens us to all the small things that we can do to make those around us feel better and in doing so, bring happines to ourselves as well. It shows that each of us has the ability to make a difference. This book will encourage us to use those abilities and by doing so help ensure that all will be well.

This is a story of unswerving, joyful faith and hope.

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"Mike Meegan has dedicated his life to loving, healing and giving to others. he invites us into his personal life to see from where those wonderful qualities come, and how he celebrates life among the Maasai and Samburu tribes. He's an inspiration to us all"

Mary Kennedy, RTE

This is a story of tragedy & suffering on an epic scale. From the heart of an acient continent comes a tale as old as time & a journey that is powerful & beautiful. This is a story of passion & love, disaster & corruption. It is the story of one man's journey to the poorest area on Earth & his decades living in absolute poverty. But above all it is a book about grace &the victory of gentleness over cruelty.

Michael Meegan has a fire with him that cannot be extinguished. This is an inspiring story full of passion, tragedy & drama. This book is about Africa, about Ireland, about friendship & tears; it is an honest, sometimes brutal meditation on what it means to be alive. It sends a powerful message to the world on what needs to be done to save lives and make this world a better place.

This is the stuff from which legends are made. If there is a book that will touch you, this will be it.


“One of the things that constantly makes me smile in Mike's writing is how everything is all mixed up together. Mike used to write much more simply. There was Moral Stories in his books, always followed by Morals. Like that. Now there are stories that seem to have no morals, morals that seem unconnected with stories, stories that are interrupted by other stories. Everything is left in a complicated web, everything is connected to everything else, and mostly in ways we cannot understand and only dimly see. This great web that connects everything is a vision of karma. Karma has nothing to do with a mysterious force that hunts you down like the Mounties - karma is a simple idea that everyone can understand: that the world is so interconnected that there is no thing so small as to be insignificant, no act so hidden that it will never come to light, no person so unimportant that they will not change the world by everything they do. Everything matters, everyone matters.”

Dr Ronan Conroy D.Sc
Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin


If you only buy one book this year, buy this This is a powerful and deeply inspirational book of reflections that are thought provoking and moving.  There are many ways each of us can change the world in which we live, many practical things we can do here and now to create an amazing life and a wonder enriched world.  These provocative and challenging reflections  are written from Africa and India, they are written with calm and gentleness , understanding and empathy.  These are not a hundred quotations, but  profound insights that meet us here and now where we are in our daily lives.


Updated April 21st 2009
Michael Meegan has written a number of books with two new works being released this year. More information aslo available at www.eye-books.com