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Michael Meegan has lived and worked in Africa for almost 30 years.
His extensive experience in malnutrition and extreme poverty brings a rare insight into pain and suffering.

Michael has written extensively about compassion and gentleness and has spoken in many countries on inner joy and discovering the power within. He brings his years of contemplation and meditation to his writings and talks.

With degrees ranging from philosophy and public health, he was awarded the rare honor, Doctor of Medicine by the National University of Ireland for his service to International health and medical research. He was made a fellow of the royal academy of medicine in Ireland. Michael’s personal experience of extreme poverty is steeped in a lifetime commitment to living among the poor . His insights come from many years caring personally for the terminally ill in the AIDS programmes that he created in Africa . He has been the subject of a number of TV programmes including Irish Televisions award winning “ 4,000 goodbyes “ Michaels previous books include “ All will be well”, “Changing the World” and “Surprised by joy

Michael continues to run rural health programs in the rift valley of Kenya and lectures internationally on poverty. He gives regular seminars on the subjects of his books in 2012 he will be giving a series of workshops on Inward stillness and Compassion in action.